A Word On Checker Variants and Competitions

Since the 16th century, the Europeans have already enjoyed playing checkers. This is very much similar to the ancient game. The British Museum has in their disposal a collection of ancient Egyptian checkerboards. Now, in keeping with the changing times, it is now possible to play Internet checkers.

Checkers is known by varying names in different parts of the world. In the United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia, it goes by the name of checkers. In the United Kingdom, the game is played on an 8x8 board and goes by the name draughts. The most popular version of the game is played in Eastern Europe on a 10 x 10 board and is known as International Draughts.

Checkers and draughts are gaining ground in terms of popularity. The Eastern Europeans are playing the American version and vice versa. This can be credited to the efforts of the International Checkers Hall of Fame. Aside from that, there are new 8 x 8 variants of checkers that is being played in Italy, Spain, and other countries.

There are a couple of fallacies surrounding checkers. Most people believe that it is already dead because it has been "solved." Another misconception is that super computers are capable of playing perfect checkers the way they play chess. There has been evidence that chess moves cannot be entirely predicted by the computer. Avid checker enthusiasts believe that the same principle is applicable to checkers, although it is more restricted than chess.

When it comes to playing in a competitive level, there are two major styles used in tournaments namely Go-As-You-Please (otherwise known as Freestyle or Unrestricted) and 3-Move Restriction. With the former, you have the freedom to make any opening moves that you desire. On the other hand, the latter's initial three moves are randomly selected from a list of acceptable three move openings.

3-Move Restriction is more preferred in serious competitions, because it reduces the likelihood of draws. After utilizing one of the accepted move openings, you use a similar opening for the succeeding game, but on the opposite side of the board in order to compensate the disadvantage of using a weak opening.

Using international rules, there are World Championship Tournaments for both Go-As-You-Please and 3-Move Restriction with the latter being the more prestigious. Furthermore, there are several championships held over districts, states, mail ladders, local as well as mail tournaments, International Team Matches, and National Championships.

Both traditional and Internet checkers are strategy games that can keep your mind healthy and rejuvenated. Maintaining a competitive mind and body with various games can have a great impact on your health.

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