The Basic Checker Movement Rules In Internet Checkers

Over the years, checkers has not lost its touch since it was discovered many years ago. Today, internet checkers lets you play the game using your computer anytime anywhere.

The player with the red pieces has the first move. Afterwards, each player alternates in making a turn. If you cannot make a legal move, you forfeit the game. In traditional checkers, each player randomly selects the color of their pieces. In subsequent games, players switch colors. At the onset of the game, the players line up their pieces on the twelve dark squares adjacent to their side of the board.

Each checker piece can only move a square at a time either in a diagonal or forward direction. Only the king has the power to move backward and they are limited to an unoccupied square. A legal move may include several jumps.

An opponent's pieces can be captured by leaping over it in a diagonal direction to the closest unoccupied square after it. The three spaces must be arranged close to each other: your checkers, the opponent's piece, and vacant space. A standard checker can only jump in a forward diagonal direction with the exception of a king which can likewise jump backward.

Multiple jumping is possible for a single checker by leaping over from one vacant square to another. In the case of a multiple jump, changing directions is allowed. In a given jump, you can capture a piece in a single move. However, you can leap over more than one piece in several jumps. The jumped pieces should be removed from the playing board.

You are not allowed to jump over one of your own men. Likewise, it is illegal to jump over the same checkers two times in one turn. As long as there is a piece that can be jumped on, you are required to do so. The multiple jumps should be completed and you cannot stop halfway.

Moreover, you can choose among a choice of jumps. It does not matter whether they involve multiple squares or not. Regular pieces can jump over a king.

When any of your pieces reaches the last row, it is promoted to the status of king. Another checker is positioned on top of the promoted piece. A newly promoted piece cannot resume its jumping motion until the succeeding move.

Internet checkers can be fun and exciting as long as you understand the basic rules of moving your piece.

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