Rules for Internet Checkers

internet checkers rules are played differently depending on the custom. Thus, the designated game leader will determine what rules will be used. The rules can be selected or modified by clicking on the "Rules" in the pop-up menu and identifying which set of rules will be followed.

Once the rules have been changed, it will be displayed for the second player. The rules are divided into flexible and fixed. Here are the set of flexible rules.

The regular checker piece can be made to move in a backward direction

The pawn can capture another piece in a backward direction

The king can advance several squares in one move

While there are rules that can be changed, there are fixed rules and they are the following:

The King can capture pieces in a backward direction.

The King can likewise capture several pieces in one turn

A player must capture the opponent's pieces if possible. This is applicable to multiple moves. The computer will not proceed to another move until all moves are completed. A crowned piece is not allowed to resume a multiple move.

In joining a game, a player will not start unless there are two players already. The first player to enter is chosen as "leader" and uses the black checkers. The next player takes the white pieces. The leader begins the game.

Each player is allowed to move a piece at a time. When a piece is chosen by clicking the mouse, it will be highlighted. Afterwards, the destination square should then be chosen.

An illegal move will trigger a sound effect. It will disappear upon selecting the piece again. The cursor will change form when a legal destination square has been located.

In Internet checkers, a player must capture their opponent's pieces to be declared winner. When capturing a piece, there will be an animated effect of capturing the opponent's piece. A captured piece will be placed in the 'death-throes'. When a pawn is able to reach the opposite row of the board, it will ne replaced by the other player's king.

An animation will indicate that a player has already won. At the end of the game, the option 'New Game' must be selected when the player intends to start again. Likewise, the leader has the prerogative to restart the game at any point during play.

Animations may be suspended by clicking on the Visual FX button. Likewise, the audio effects may be terminated by clicking on the Sound FX button.

At any stage during play, each player may choose to either "Surrender" or "Draw." It will appear in the 'pop-up' window of the other player. The opponent can either accept or reject any declaration.

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