Tips For Winning In Checkers

Planning and forethought is the key to winning in checkers. Here are some helpful strategies that will help you achieve your goal of winning in internet checkers.

2 for 1 or 3 for 1. This is a technique wherein you give up one of your pieces, with the knowledge that you will capture two or three of your opponent's pieces in the exchange.

Keep your kings row protected from your opponent as long as you can. By doing so, you will put your opponent at a disadvantage.

Use the block game. Try to anticipate what move your opponent will make and try to block him so that they are unable to make legal attempts.

Advance your pieces between your own checkers as well as that of your opponents' without being captured.

Consider book play. Understanding of plays from books will be vital if you want to play in a higher level of play. Playing without knowledge of book plays can put you at a disadvantage and will not make you competitive.

Avoid piling up your pieces in the middle of the board. This way, you are freeing yourself from the possibility of not making a legal move and thereby lose the game.

Checkers positioned in the middle board have a greater chance than those found on the corners. Analyze each possible move before you make them.

As you reach the endgame, consolidate your kings.

Side moves can be vital to your cause. Your opponent cannot jump over pieces that are located on the sides.

If you have few pieces remaining and without a King, move back and forth into the corner. This will make it hard for your opponent to capture your remaining pieces and in the process take some of the pieces of your opponent.

There are many articles and books that focus on book play strategies. While technical in nature, it can capture your interest especially if you want to master Internet checkers. They are based on a sequence of moves. To learn each move, you must first analyze a numbered board and then analyze a play book. Each move is represented by a number so that by following them, you will know the sequence. They are commonly used by experts that they even have a name. Defiance, Switcher, and Pioneer, are some examples of opening moves that can help you in winning the game.

Remember these simple tips and you will be on your way to emerging victorious in Internet checkers.

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