Understanding The Rules Of Internet Checkers

Checkers has remained a favorite board game over the years. It is not a game of luck but requires some skill from two players. Traditional checkers involves two groups of men which are hard and rounded discs. There are 32 pieces in play with each player having sixteen pieces each.

The board consists of 64 squares alternating between light and dark. The playing pieces advance by sliding along the dark squares only. In order to win the game, a player should capture all the opponent's pieces. Another way to win is to block the opponent in a way that they cannot make any legal move. There are instances when a tie ensues because either player was not able to make a legal move.

In the case of internet checkers, the manner of playing the game is similar to the traditional game. Playing the game on the Internet gives a player the chance to test their skills against a computer. Likewise, they have the option to play the game against a live opponent.

To begin a game of Internet checkers, the general rule is the player with the red pieces starts the game. To move your checkers on the playing board, simply position your cursor, click the mouse, and drag it to the square where you want to place the checker.

The pieces can only move on a forward direction. Only the king is allowed to execute a backward movement. To move the piece forward, you simply advance it diagonally. Jumping over another piece to a vacant square is allowed. The piece that was jumped over is then removed from the board. Making multiple jumps is a legal move and is usually encouraged in online checkers.

In addition, when any of the checkers makes it to farthest end of the board, it is promoted to king. In the traditional game, the other player places another piece, which has been captured already, on top of the checkers. Once a piece is elevated as a king, they can move in any direction.

The advantage of playing checkers online is that one need not wait for an opponent in order to play. With the proliferation of online checker sites, it is unlikely that a player will not be able to play the game.

Furthermore, one need not worry about pitting their skills against a superior player. They can choose their skill level and play against an opponent with the same expertise.

Internet checkers is an excellent alternative for people who have the passion for board games.

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